November 2001
St. Norbert Arts Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

[photo of cover of The Language Hotel]
The Language Hotel

© 2000, St. Norbert Arts Centre

The project I did in Room 22 at Language Hotel unfolded as a response to personal memory. This project refers to Ukrainian cinematic films from my domestic repository. Specifically, I culled my images from a film titled The Flying Ship, produced in 1961 at the Olexander Dovzhenko Film Studios in Kyiv. The film was a notably collective project with three directors to its credit. This "brigade" approach was prescribed under socialist realism.

The Flying Ship has an intimate poignancy and personal relevance - drawing from the film stills became an act of rememoration of childhood screenings in the basement of my parents' home. The images I worked from triggered involuntary memories. These were moments when I could smell the burnt dust that stuck to the projector bulb and everything in the room sunk into a penumbra -- everything except for the lit rectangle on the screen.

My monochromatic drawings serve as a counterpoint, or a complement to the film medium. Plucked from the miasma of the celluloid circuit, the hand-drawn film still is an estranged particle. In this sense, it has no roots or offshoots. On the walls of Room 22 several film-inspired moments coalesce and overlap at once. I see my drawings as free-standing islands with a myriad of possible interpretations and interconnections.